School of Mechanical Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering

St Jude Agricultural & Vocational Institute uses a team-based approach, we attempt to lead students into target interests. We want to cultivate key thinkers, many of whom will be future leaders in global contests, through this process of selecting and developing future technologies, as well as their application in diverse fields.

The goal of advanced level studies is to enhance students’ abilities to design integrated mechanical systems, which are in high demand in today’s technology world. Mechanical engineering is concerned with energy conversion and the machinery that makes it feasible. Students must have a basic understanding of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and heat science, as well as computer application skills.

Courses under this school are all Strictly DIT (Hands-on Skills) and are as follows

  1. Car panel beating & spraying
  2. Automotive Electric system (Car wiring)
  3. Car Diagnosis
  4. Engine repair & maintenance
  5. AC repair & refill. (Air Conditioning)
  6. Car washing (Washing bay)
  7. External Vehicle maintenance
  8. Innovative Design
  9. Driving School.